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Designed for those who are new to Mailchimp, or have used it a little bit and want to understand it better. 

This 3.5 hours course will go through

  • The type of content and layout that helps to make a successful email campaign.

  • How to create your first subscriber’s list and the relevant forms behind it e.g. sign up/ unsubscribe

  • How to break your list down into groups and segments. This will help to ensure that your email reaches your target audience.

  • How to create your first email campaign using one of MailChimp’s templates (you will learn how to add text, images and links to your newsletter).

  • How to send your first campaign.

  • How to monitor a campaign’s success using the report facilities.

Cost:  £149 per person

Wednesday 6th June



Tuesday 19th June



Other dates on request

Please enquire below