I understand that marketing is just one of the many things you need to concentrate on within your business.  I also understand that you know your business better than anyone else. 

That is why I will work closely with you to get under the skin of what your issues are, and give you the tools to be able to report back success from marketing.

The below outlines a process that I would go through to help you.  They can be bought as modules or as a whole package.  Please do get in touch if you want to know more.

Team Meeting


Whatever marketing you have been doing, you will have spent time setting it up and running it.  The problem is that it isn't working. 

Book a free 1 hour consultation to chat through your challenges from both a business and marketing point of view and find our how I can help.



As a small business with limited budget, you need to be smart about who you target for your marketing.

An overview of all the audiences in the market, their market share and their potential value to your organisation, will help you focus on those customers who will be most profitable for your business.

Choosing one or two key groups of customers (segments) and putting together a 'Persona' or 'Avatar' of them, allows you to clearly communicate to everyone in your business who they need to focus on.

The Wall of Ideas
Business Team


Are your competitors really who you think they are?  It's an interesting conundrum. 

Your direct competitors in your mind will often be those who offer the same service.

However, from your customers point of view, the competitor may be someone completely different.

We will talk to your customers and create a competitor map for you.


With an understanding of:

  • your customer

  • your competition

  • what you provide

you can now work out what your positioning should be for your target audience.

Don't worry, we won't re-invent the wheel if we don't have to.  This could be a verification that your current positioning is spot on, or it could be a brand new positioning. Whichever it is, it is about it being right for your potential customers.

Marketing team meeting
Analyzing the data


It's really important that the marketing objectives you set for the year are tangible.

You need to be able to report back a tangible return for the investment you make in your marketing to allow continued funding in it.  

We will help you develop those objectives based on where the actual gaps are in your purchase funnel.


The tactics!  How we are going to market your business.  Is it email, social media, advertising.

This feels a long way down doesn't it!  Feels like an awful lot of work before we get to the crux of what you need to deliver.

But if you're going to do successful marketing you need to have done the hard work first.  This bit then will be easy.

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming

Get in touch today for a free 1 hour consultation.



2 hrs deep dive into your Business. 


- Your issues, aims and ambitions

- Who you believe your customers are

- Where you believe you stand in the market

- How your marketing is working at the moment

- What your sales funnel currently looks like

Providing recommendations as to where you need to focus for maximum results.


Putting in place the foundations for your marketing.

Working with you to get a detailed understanding of

- your key prospects 

- what makes you stand out against your competition 

- your sales funnel

To create a shareable document outlining:

- Your Avatar

- Your Positioning

- Your Objectives for the next year

This can be used internally, or with any suppliers you work with.


Based on your strategy an outline plan of the tactics you need to use to achieve your business objectives.


Awareness:  PR, Advertising (Digital and Paper), Events, 

Sales Activation:  Linked In Campaign, Direct Mail, Email


Ongoing review and support at a Board level.

Guidance and support of In-house teams to deliver the Marketing Communications Plan.

Appointment of suppliers to deliver campaigns highlighted in the communications strategy.

Management of external suppliers to develop marketing campaigns appropriate to your business objectives.